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All Town Locksmith Residential, Commercial, Automotive and, Emergency Services.

    Who We Are

    At All Town Locksmith we offer a wide range of locksmith services from emergency help, to automotive and commercial locksmith services. Our locksmith technicians work quickly and effectively throughout the Boston area.
    We also offer around the clock services!
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    commerical locksmith in brihton, macommercial & residential

    Commercial & residential

    All Town Locksmith is as dedicated to protecting your home(s) and vehicle(s) as it is to protecting your commercial estate(s). Owning an office, business, factory or any other sort of commercial building comes with more complex security needs. If you ever find yourself in the middle of a building lockout while at work it’s crucial you have a reliable locksmith in your area that can be quick, as well as effective and dependable. Particularly when dealing with commercial buildings, it’s important to hire people with the proper skillset and experience. Our team of technicians is prepared to assist you regardless of the day or time with installments ranging from:

    • House door locks
    • Deadbolt locks
    • Door knobs
    • Re-Key Locks
    • Medeco & Mul-T-Lock
    • Among multiple others

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    commercial locksmith
    emergency locksmith in brighton, maEMERGENCY LOCKSMITH

    emergency locksmith service

    The thing about accidents is that they are unforeseen therefore, no one is ever safe from an accident, this is why at All Town Locksmith we offer around the clock assistance.

    In situations like these, it’s important that you not try to solve the problem at hand on your own, because of your lack of experience and skill in the matter, you may end up causing more damage than good thus only aggravating the situation. In circumstances like these, it’s important to have a locksmith you trust.

    We employ a team of professional, skilled and experienced locksmith technicians who care about their work. You can trust us to solve your problem regardless of the task at hand. Call us anytime for assistance or more information on our services.

    emergency locksmith
    automotive locksmith in brighton, maAutomotive LOCKSMITH

    automotive locksmith services

    Are you locked out of your car? In need of new keys? Or have any other automotive locking problems? We can be of assistance. Dealing with and resolving automotive problems can be a very stressful and daunting task to approach. We, at All Town Locksmith, aim to make this process as easygoing as possible.

    We understand that a vehicle is a part of most people’s lives now days thus, you can trust us to fully take on your automotive problems when inquiring our services. Our main focus is to not only solve your problem but, also to make sure you are fully satisfied with the job of our locksmith technician team as well as with your experience as a whole. We offer a full range of automotive services for your vehicle and provide speedy locksmith solutions throughout the Boston area.

    Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable and, use the most up to date tools and information to resolve the issue(s) you’re encountering.

    For more information on our services or if you need assistance, contact us now.

    automotive locksmith
    24 hour locksmith in brighton, ma24 HOUR SERVICES

    At your service, Any time, Any day

    All Town Locksmith offers around the clock services for various reasons. The main reason why we do this is because we want to help as many people as we can. Additionally, not having to worry about a specific timeframe when needing our services is more convenient for you, the customer, especially during times of emergency.

    For more information on our services or if you need assistance, contact us now.

    24 hour locksmith in brighton

    Locksmith in Brighton MA

    If you are seeking the help of experienced & skilled locksmith technicians to help you, All Town Locksmith is the right place to look.


    Having experienced technicians allows us to provide you with a high-quality service. So much of a locksmith’s level of execution is dependent upon time as well as experience. Regardless of the amount of training a technician has, it cannot replace actual experience. Experienced locksmiths not only work faster but typically make the right series of choices faster thus providing the client with a better service.


    Our team is not only effective but fast. We can reach you wherever you are at your convenience whether you need us immediately or at a set time.


    All Town Locksmith offers competitive prices along with no extra charges or hidden fees for services during nights, weekends and holidays.


    We understand how bothersome it could be to put your trust in a stranger, especially when it comes to security. This is why we value the trust you place in us and acknowledge the weight of the responsibility lies on our shoulders. We strive to go above and beyond by not only providing you with high-quality services but assuring you’re fully satisfied with our work.

    Brighton Locksmith

    All Town Locksmith offers a range of locksmith services for various situations and circumstances. Our team of technicians is fast, effective and, dedicated to providing you with the best quality service possible. We are located in Boston and offer around the clock assistance.